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Hosting packages

Our hosting service's purpose is to give our web design clients an all around solution, to simplify and accelerate the process of having your new website. This means we do not provide hosting to individuals who are only interested in hosting; this service is a solution to our clients and not a means to an end. Because of this fact is that we can allow such low prices.

Even when we only provide hosting to our web design clients, you can choose not to host with Pixeina and recur to a third party, you can as well buy your domain by your own means. Our hosting service is not an imposition, it exist with the purpose to minimize the number of steps that you need to take in order to have your new website. The only step needed is a Pixeina pill away.

77mg 150mg 500mg 1500mg
Space 77 mb 150 mb 500 mb 1500 mb
Bandwith 1,5 gb 3 gb 5 gb 10 gb
E-Mail accounts 5 20 50
Subdomains 2 7 20
FTP accounts 1 5 10
MySQL databases 2 7 20
Yearly price $ 20 $ 35 $ 77 $ 120

The purchase of your domain costs 10 dollars per year (you buy as many years as you wish, and your domain can be renewed), o or it can be discounted if you already have a domain or you decide to buy it by your own means. When we say "domain" we refer to the address to which your new website will be associated (in example, the domain of this very website is

If you wish to discuss the development of your new website and hosting package, or if you have any kind of question, you can talk with us in the contact area.