graphic design / identity / hosting

We give an all around design solution to companies and entrepreneurs that wish to start their own business.

Logotype, website, hosting and corporate identity are problems that get solved with a single pill of Pixeina.

Custom web design

Are you in need of a new website or improve one you already have? Pixeina specializes in effective design that works for you and your clientele. Includes color palette, graphic art, page structure, global navigation and content organization.

Valid XHTML and CSS

Your website will be developed applying the W3C standards, assuring your website a longer lifespan, better compatibility across browsers and a clean code easier to work with in the future.

Search Engine Optimization

A good ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo! can be hard to get without having to spend quite some money. Luckily there are many organic ways to optimize your website design so you can get a good position. Correctly applying meta tags, titles, alternative image descriptions, heading tags, structure and inlinks you get a friendly page for the crawlers like googlebot. Besides, we manually include your page in Google, so your presence in the most important search engine is secured.


Pixeina is an all around solution. You will not have to worry about dealing with third parties because we will provide with the necessary hosting and your unique domain. View more information about hosting packages

Freelance subcontracting

Short on time? In need of a little help? We can provide our services adjusting to your schedule and needs.

Websites that sell

Structure, placement, color, size, navigation, text and more, are elements that are important not only aesthetically but also in their function. If the purpose of your website is to sell a product, we will create a website that will accomplish this task. If your objective is to present yourself as a professional, we will achieve the best communication and impression among your clients. Every element in a website has an aesthetic and also a functional mission, and being aware of the impact this has is key for making your website an effective tool in the growth of your business. Details as the difference between "order online" and "online ordering" in a link can make the difference at closing a sale or not, and we are conscious of these details.

Corporate identity

If you already have an established logo and corporate identity, they will be applied to your new website. If you are a new company, we can design your corporate identity, logotype, slogan and a website coherent with these. A solid and effective identity is what makes your public remember your business and become returning clients. The right identity can be one of the strongest marketing tools at your disposal.

Forms and mail

Forms are an excellent way to get important information from your visitors and provide a reliable method of contact. In contrast with simply give your mail address, with forms you ensure that a possible client's mail does not fall in your spam folder. Besides we also apply anti-spam techniques so your new mail doesn't get in spammers' hands.